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Review 274 : Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

Dre's Thoughts It's been a while since I read a book series that I really liked. I have put of reading The Others series, but when I finally picked it up, I couldn't stop reading book after book after book. Now I understand why a lot of my peers loved The Others. It has a lot of everything. When I read a book, sometimes I don't absorb everything.There are things that I'm bound to miss, and sometimes I get confused. But I love the fact that Bishop gives the reader bits and pieces about the characters or the place being talked about in some chapters. The story did mesmerize me. I love
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Daniel’s Digressions #1 : We’re Back! Again!

Hi! Remember me? Yes? Awesome. No? That's quite alright- allow me to re-introduce myself. I'm Daniel, and after a few months of being forcefully absorbed by every aspect of life other than reading, I'm ready to dip my feet back in the world of blogging. Dre and I have both been very busy recently, as I try to stride past (or rather, hobble towards) the impending finish line of high school, and Dre takes time to explore the world in new ways. You'll see Dre add some posts every now and then, but for the moment, I'll be creating a lot of the content. I still have two more months of high
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