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Review 276: The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

Dre's Thougths This is actually a complete series review, but I am going to highlight the last book, The Raven King.  What I loved: Blue isn't your typical heroine. She's not perfect, I don't think I'd even call her beautiful, but I felt like she's cute. She's eccentric. Her family consists of psychics and centuries old father. She makes her own clothes, and her room, in my head, feels quite cozy. Gansey, on the other hand, is of the rich and somewhat politically-famous family. He was the one who started all the search for Glendower, the king whom he believed gave him his second
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Manga Review #1: Strobe Edge by Io Sakisaka

Dre's Thoughts Manga exists. I knew that, but I was never a fan. Most mangas are turned into animé, I'm not a fan either, though I watched Attack on Titans and finished the first season. With that said, I think I entered a black hole and can't get out! Strobe Edge is not my first manga, but it's the first one that I am going to review. For some reason, I am drawn to school life romances; maybe because during our teens, we experience the most innocent kind of love. The story was pretty short, at 43 chapters, but it was packed with cheese and romance. Ninako is the typical geek. She
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